Dead or Canadian, Casey Anthony's parents break their silence and how not to gain weight this fall.  Your Dead or Canadian subjects for today: Actor Cliff Robertson, actress Mary Fickett and singer Randy Bachmann. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)

George and Cindy Anthony broke their silence for the first time and spoke to Dr. Phil about their daughter Casey and the disappearance of their granddaughter Caylee. The way George and Cindy talked during the interview yesterday, we have a feeling they know something. Her mother blamed some of Casey's issues on seizures and George said the last time he saw Caylee, she was with Casey and felt that Casey is the mother and is ultimately responsible for Caylee. If you would like to watch part one of the interview, you can click HERE. Do you think her parents had something to do with it? Part two airs today.

Now that the weather is turning colder, we inevitably gain weight and Dr. Oz put out a list of how we gain weight and what to do to try and stop it from happening.

1. Not Enough Water - We drink water without thinking about it in the summertime, but when the weather cools off, we aren't sweating as much so we don't drink enough fluids. Make sure you keep drinking water, though because Dr. Oz says if you drink enough water, you are less likely to snack.

2. Less Time Outdoors - When the weather turns chilly, those nature walks we used to take become less and less frequent. Dr. Oz says you should make time for indoor activities like hitting the gym or playing indoor sports.

3. Comfort Foods - This one always kills me. A nice hot dish or creamy soup is always good on a chilly night. I also love whipping up cookies or brownies, but Dr. Oz says that when we eat too much fat and sugar, it tricks our brain into thinking that we still need food. Indoor grilling, baking or steaming your meats and vegetables can keep that summery flavor and still be a healthful way to cook.

4. Junk Food - Yep. Guilty. This one goes hand in hand with number three, but has a lot to do with Halloween. Pretty soon, we're going to have big bowls of bite sized candy around the house that we're going to be digging into without even thinking about it, so pay attention to what you're eating between meals. If you're a crunch lover, keep apples, carrots and celery around so you're not eating chips and candy.

5. Too Much Alcohol - It depends on what you're drinking, but 1.5 ounces of alcohol contains about 90 calories, so just a couple of drinks can totally derail your diet. If you want to hang on to the body you had this summer, avoid alcohol completely.

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