Four things you should know about Hurricane Irene, why lying about being in labor won't get you out of a ticket and the VMAs.

Hurricane Irene battered the East Coast over the weekend and there was a lot of information to absorb. We break it down for you with four facts about Hurricane Irene:

1. Flooding is the main concern now and flooding has caused over $3 BILLION dollars in damage. So far.

2. So far, 21 people have died in the storm. Many were swept away in the flood or died because of trees falling on their home. Trees also landed on power lines and caused fires and electrocutions.

3. All three major New York airports are reopening today. More than 10 thousand flights were canceled due to the storms and now hundreds of thousands of travelers are going to be looking to be rebooked on different flights.

4. Hurricane Irene was downgraded last night and the storm is over, but Irene left widespread flooding and millions without power and they could be without power for weeks.

A State Trooper in Idaho recently saw a car speeding and swerving, so he pulled the vehicle over to find a teenager behind the wheel. When he approached the car, the teenager claimed she was pregnant and her water just broke. She claimed she was on the way to the hospital, hence the reason she was speeding. The trooper thought it sounded fishy, so he started asking more questions. Lo and behold, she was not pregnant and had just shoved something under her shirt to fake a baby bump. She gets an award for creativity, but she also got a ticket for speeding, inattentive driving and obstruction of justice.

The MTV Video Music Awards were held last night in L.A. and it was filled with outrageous moments, big surprises (hello?! Beyonce!!), tributes and of course, fashion. Adele won four awards in the technical categories, Katy Perry won one technical award, but walked away with the awards for best collaboration with Kanye West and the top prize for Video of the Year. Lady Gaga of course managed to steal the show before it even started. Gaga dressed as her alter ego, Jo Calderone to open the show with her new single, "You and I". Check it out. What do you think?



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