Which car would you choose as your getaway car? Which football team has the most honest fans? Plus, the new Guinness World Record holders.

The Chicago Tribune had an expert put together a list of the top getaway cars for bank robbers and other criminals so that after the bank heist is complete you can be a phantom and blend with the non-criminals on the street. The list is made up of cars that are known for being common, but fast.

1. Toyota Camry - Everyone drives a Camry. It's so common that you can dump it on the street next to a dozen other cars and walk away.

2. Ford Escape - The name alone put it near the top of the list.

3. Honda Element - The plastic floors make it good for exploding dye pack clean up.

4. GMC Sierra - The towing capacity makes it a great vehicle for ripping off safes or ATMs.

5. Volkswagen Passat TDI - Great speed and excellent gas mileage means you get away fast and keep going and you won't have to spend that cash you just stole because it gets 800 miles per tank.

For the last five years, a woman named Heather has been a club level waitress for the San Diego Chargers. Those seats are full service and they cost a lot of money. Heather was recently working a game between the Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers when disaster struck. After making a food delivery and getting paid, she tripped and dropped a thousand dollars over the railing into the lower level seats. The club level fans yelled over the railing that the money raining down on them was not a gift from above and explained what happened and that Heather was a full time student and mother of four. Their pleas did not fall on deaf ears. The fans collected ALL of the money AND returned it. Every single dollar was accounted for and she was able to pay for the food, plus there was an extra $170 in it for her as a tip. She calls Charger fans amazing for returning all of the money.

The new Guinness World Record holders in the category "Human Oddities" have been announced and there are a bunch of new ones for the new 2012 edition. Longest Female Tongue goes to 21 year old Chanel Tapper of California. Her tongue is 3.8 inches from the tip to the top of her lip. That means her tongue goes an inch down PAST her chin. The new World's Tallest Man lives in Turkey. He's 28-year-old Sultan Kosen and he's eight feet three inches tall. His height was measured back in February so he might even be a bit taller now. The world's longest beard belongs to 59-year-old Sarwan Singh of Canada. It's seven feet, nine inches long. At least two feet of it actually drag on the ground. Kind of reminds me of Captain Caveman. The new Guinness Book of World Records is on store shelves now.