I'm from the state filled with all the lakes, strangers always wave like they know ya

A music video by a Minneapolis-based rapper/writer Alex Frecon is going viral for its entirely accurate depiction -- or is it clarification? -- of all things Minnesota.

"I met all these kids from New York or LA or Boston [when he was going to school out East] and whenever they asked where I was from I'd be like, 'I'm from Minnesota.' And they'd immediately jump into these crazy, ridiculous questions."

So Alex sets the record straight on why Minnesota is "a dope place," with nods to MN's shoreline (he points out we have more than California's whole coast); Nordic and Norwegian heritage; pop (vs. soda); hot dish; Jessie Ventura; and the all-controversial "duck duck gray duck."

He even got some local celebrities to make cameos in his video including KARE's Cory Hepola and Camille Williams, Minnesotan and Super Troopers actor Erik Stolhanske, and former Twins MVP Justin Morneau.

Turn up your volume (yes, it's that catchy) and give The Minnesota Anthem a watch for yourself!

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