There's a massively viral video making its way around the internet that you may have seen.

In it, a guy turns the sound of a cat mewling into a song. Using the cat's "alugulug" vocal sounds as the song's melody, he then throws in a beat, some harmonizing and vocals, and -- voila! -- turns it all into a pretty dang catchy song!

The video has gone wildly viral for its creativity and catchiness. Originally shared to online platforms May 12, it's since been viewed (two and a half weeks later) on Youtube over 980k times and on Facebook 28 million times.

The man responsible for it all is a South African artist, musician, producer and content creator named David Scott. While anyone could find that out with a quick Google search, I know because I've met him!

Between 2012 and 2015 I spent three years in South Africa working for a non-profit radio organization called TWR. During my time there, I became heavily involved in the local music scene, photographing countless concerts and shows. I shot everyone from local acts like Scott and his band The Kiffness to international acts that came through including Switchfoot, John Newman, The Fray, The Lumineers, Bastille, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Big Sean and others. Here's a photo of me with the Kiffness following a performance at Park Life music festival in Johannesburg.

Adam Rozanas
Adam Rozanas

Over the past year, David Scott has had several viral hits. Last December, he remixed a performance by a blind Turkish street musician and drummer named Bilal Goregen. The song -- a Finnish tune called "Levan Polka" -- and its music video featuring Goregen, Scott, Scott's dancing wife and a vibing cat became an international sensation with millions of views online and being picked up by news and television stations everywhere.

In January, following the success of the viral Sea Shanty song by Nathan Evans, Scott released a Kiffness remix that was picked up by a UK record label, turned into a full-length song and aired on radio stations.

I realize the names David Scott and The Kiffness may not mean much to others, but its been fun for me -- as someone who personally knows Scott -- to see his videos finding such wide success everywhere. If you want to see more of his content when it's released, follow him on Facebook or Youtube! I'm confident you'll enjoy him as much as I do!

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