Welcome, Mr.Bean to our Family
"Your a sweet one....Mr. Bean!" This cuddly cat just fit right in with our family. Mr.Bean may have had a lonely holiday had we not met. Read our fun story and maybe find a happy ending for you and your family at the Tri County Humane Society. :-)
If You Want a Cat, The Tri-County Humane Society Has One For You
The Tri-County Humane Society has never before offered cats for free but with so many cats in need of a good home, cats 2 years and older are free right now for senior citizens, members of the military, veterans and their spouses. For everyone else, one adult cat (6 months and older) can be adopted …
Forfeit Your Man Card, Pal!
Cat got your thumb?
A man in suburban Indianapolis put the "ow" in meow when he called police Thursday to report a cat bit him on his right thumb.
That's right, a grown man versus a cat.  Actually, it was a kitten.
Craig Wyatt's manliness score took a major hit when he called the boys in blue…