As much as I would like to say, "HA! Just Kidding!" I can't. This is happening.

The Octomom is always out to make a quick buck. Instead of selling her body, she is selling her kids. Not literally. But her kids have released a Christmas song called "I'm Ready For Christmas". And yes, the kids have a stage name too, The Roctuplets.

Only 13 of her 14 kids are signing, and obviously the octuplets are the focus of the group. The song is beyond crazy, don't say I didn't warn you!

Click here to check out the video at your own risk. I'd place it in this post, but I've give enough publicity to the Octomom.

I know we normally think it's cute when kids sing songs, but it's hard to see it for what it is when we know it involves the Octomom.

Is the song/video cute or just horrible beyond words?

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