The story of a 60-year old St. Cloud woman and her dog has gone viral in a rather unusual way...

Mac Lethal is a Kansas City-based rapper, record label founder and radio show host. He also has a successful Youtube channel where he posts videos of various raps he writes and performs. They range from strange ("Mac Lethal Pancakes") to downright impressive ("Fast Rap -- 400 Words in 1 Minute"). [WARNING: These videos do have mature content and language not suitable for children]. In another series of videos called "Mac Lethal Raps About Strangers," Mac raps lyrics and poems submitted by...well, random strangers. But his latest video shares a more somber, almost tear-jerking story that comes from right here in St. Cloud.

In a video titled "A 60 Year Old Woman Wrote This about Her Dog," Mac begins by sharing the backstory:

Dear Mr. Lethal,

I'm a 60-year old woman named Darcy from St. Cloud, Minnesota. Now I have to admit -- I'm not a huge fan of rap music. However, I love the videos you make where you rap songs and poems written by other people who don't know how to rap. My grandkids showed them to me, and I admire you greatly for doing this for other people. I've written a song about someone near and dear to my heart and would be honored to hear you sing it.



Mac goes on to rap Darcy's story's emotional. Watch for yourself.

Response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive, garnering 266,744 views on Youtube in five days and 2,456 comments.

Respect to the 60 year old woman, Darcy! 👍🏼👏🏼🙏🏼 That song was definitely a tear dropper. Especially since I am a dog owner.
This is amazing! Much respect to Mac and the lady that wrote this.
this is the first time i cried while watching youtube. incredible job mac
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