Here we go again...

As if it hasn't already been done before, a painfully cheesy new song and video titled "The Minnesota Anthem" pokes fun at all of Minnesota's well-known stereotypes.

Produced by a content creator who goes by Bri Flasch, the song -- set to the immensely obnoxious tune of Arizona Zervas' hit song "Roxanne" -- is equally cringe-worthy. Heavy autotune and familiar lyrical jabs don't help.

"Hey, could I sneak right past ya real quick?" Flasch opens with before going into the song's introduction, repeating "Ope" again and again (and again and again and again and again).

"Minnuh-so-tuh, all you wanna do is make a hotdish," Flasch accuses, as if that's really all we want to do. "Oofda, oofda, wearing shorts in the 30's like it's hot ish." While that part may be true, every good Minnesotan knows "oofda" is correctly spelled "uffda." "You keep living here even though you say you'll leave, though," she accuses again.

The song carries on, making predictable mentions of the Vikings, mosquitoes, Duck Duck Grey Duck, ice fishing, Caribou, Prince, Bob Dylan and Minnesota Nice. Edina, Brooklyn Park, Forest Lake, Shoreview -- of all places -- earn eyebrow-raising shout outs as well as more noteworthy Duluth.

The music video features shots at well-known locations around Minnesota including the U of M, Mall of America, Franconia Sculpture Gardens and a random Best Buy parking lot (apparently all we want to do is work there).

"This is pretty cringe [not gonna lie]," said one person in the video's Youtube comment section.

"This makes me want to move to Wisconsin," laments another.

"As a Minnesotan, I can't explain how embarrassed I am of this," a third tries to explain anyway.  "Worse than 'Fargo' but at least the movie and tv show are funny and fantastic."

Speaking of Fargo, we can't help but remember Alex Frecon's 2018 hit song -- the infinitely more original and jammable Minnesota Anthem "I'm From Minnesota."

Oh well, every aspiring social media star has to start somewhere. Here's to helping you hit that 1 million views mark, Bri Flasch!

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