Let me first break down on Why I posted under "miscellaneous romance"
#1: I'm a Straight Guy who is up for Almost Anything that is Legal.

#1a: Here in Minnesota, the age of Consent is 16 Earth Years of Age, but that doesn't mean I won't Ignore a Child's Cry for Help; Found a VERY Young little boy with an Unlimited Wrist Band to "Nickelodeon Universe" wondering around without his mom nor dad & so I brought him Straight to Security.

#1b: Before using a Cam Site and/or sending Money over seas, we MUST meet face-to-face (I'm incapable of being SCAMmed nor Screwed Over).

#2: Even though its m4w (Man for Woman), I don't mind m4ww (Man for a Group of Women) because I don't want any-girls feeling the way I feel.

#2a: I feel So Lonely that even if I ended up being President of the United States of America in the 2020 Elections, I'll step up to the Guillotine & behead myself because I was to "Shut the XXXX Up or I'll Kill You" & I'm not 'Shutting Up'.

#2b: Monogamous Styled Polygamy & Monogamous Styled Polyandry is where Singles (the Monogamy part) are asking regardless of the Other Person's Status (the Polygamy/Polyandry part).

NOW for the Juicy Stuff: I'm your Dream Man, sorta, but I can also Quickly Become your Nightmare because I don't pick fights nor commit crimes but when it comes to self-defense & the defense of others, I'd most likely be ranked as Negative Eleven (-11) on the FBI's most wanted (11 is usually the most Aggressively Dangerous Criminals, but the Negative Implies that I'm Defensively Dangerous, not Aggressively).

Haven't committed the act of Murder, but I've killed some people. Never Stole something, except the Key's to some Robbers' Getaway Vehicle. Never Lied, except to teach kids something like "Little Red Riding Hood should've Never Talked to Strangers", et cetera.

IF You are Looking for a Sugar Daddy, then I expect you, for the lack of a Better Choice of Words, to be my Pet.

IF you want me to be a Father Figure to your Kids, I had a Pretty Bad Experience where her Son had his Biological Dad's Gun & yelled "Get Away from Mommy!".

Long Term/Intimate: Someone who is Technically Younger (Born on September 29th 1985) & Smaller (5'4" or shorter) than me (If you're not a 100% Human Female, but something else with a Longer Lifespan and/or Bigger Build, then feel free to Adjust to what your People's Norms are & how they compare to mine {ref. "Monster Musume"}).
Short Term/Non-Intimate: Anything else goes.



Not looking for a reply on here or to lead anyone on, but I want to put it out into "the universe" that I like you too.See, you're a sales person of sorts and I understand the need to be professional and persuasive. But I heard you mumbling "do you want a boyfriend" and "I like you [my name]". And I think you were mumbling trying to ask me out for coffee as well... I'm a tran. Been working on my own self for awhile, you first saw me trying my damnedest to be female. I'm ftm. Chopped my hair short recently.

You're about my height, kind of short. Brown hair, brown eyes, the most flirtatious cute voice. I'm always bordering on disastrous vehicle problems and have the most screwed up sleep schedule. But I like you ;) would like to get to know you. And I kind of need my oil changed soon.


I'm driving up to the cities Tuesday morning and would love to meet a woman while I'm there for some naked sexy massage fun.
You'll need to host as I don't have a place in the cities.
If you're interested let me know what city you're in and send a pic or two.
Hope to hear from you.


Great woman in need of hope in knowing that there are decent men out there who are truly honest and have good intentions when meeting others. Attraction to a beautiful transgender woman doesn't hurt either. Meet for coffee/Tea.. whatever just make a new friend. Be at least 27 intelligent, respectful and not looking for sex. You should be single. serious, and send a face photo so I can to the same.


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