Craigslist can be a great resource for buying, selling or finding any number of things, from vehicles to housing, antiques to furniture, jobs to legal help, even relationships! When I accepted my current job in St. Cloud and my wife and I needed to relocate from Minneapolis, we posted an ad on Craiglist and found a great sublet for our apartment.

Craigslist can also be a great source of oddities, as well. The following are Craigslist "ads" I found in the St. Cloud area:

The wood smoke in this town makes it a rotten place to live.

We often have to go inside to get away from the wood smoke pollution.

Rude neighbors pollute for blocks around.

Building fires that fill the neighborhood with toxic smoke and invading their neighbor's space.

It is despicable.


I'm not sure what they're buying. Or selling. Spewing? Definitely.


Are you wanting to get married? Make dreams come true; I can help I am certified with ministerial license I can preform ceremonies church events weddings and photography as well as provide the license the paperwork and everything in one shot even spare of the moment or special planning event on call 24/7 I can come to you and service just about anywhere all low cost affordable to work with your budget call or text anytime I would be happy to help any way I can to fulfill your happiness and help relieve the stress of searching for people ;paper work,; and fees it comes to .let me know I look forward to being a part of your special occasion,


I'd double check the grammar on your marriage license before framing it...


via Craigslist
Free cup of cat food, yes I include a kitten with it to eat it, any questions call or text me


Wait, who's eating kittens?! I'm calling PETA!


via Craigslist
Free potatoes about a mile north of Staples Minnesota. These are left behind from the plow. About an acre of them. These are left over from the students at school plot. Come and get them!


"Kids, it's potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week, and I don't wanna hear any "buts" about it!"


Strictly platonic, non -sexual service!

Hello, my name is Eva, I am a certified professional cuddler from I provide a service for caring, safe, consensual, non-sexual, platonic touch. Whatever you feel your need is, I am here for you. We can dance, walk, talk, just have a silent connection, watch a movie, sit down holding hands, lay down spooning, or any other position or activities that you feel you need. Just ask and you will receive it.

How to know if cuddling is right for you:

-You are feeling touch deprived
-Your stress levels are high
-You want to be more in touch with your body
-You crave more human touch/connection

Benefits of cuddling include:

-Relief from stress & tension
-Improved mood
-Better sleep
-Improved immunity

Touch is a basic human need...embrace it. Give yourself the amazing gift of nurturing touch and connection.


I'm married, so my cuddler came by default. But if you're in the market for one...


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