On May 11, 2020 a broken hot tub for sale in Andover, MN became the "most famous hot tub in the world."

If you've ever perused Craigslist, you've probably seen some pretty wild and bizarre stuff for sale. In the past, we've reported on ads around Minnesota for ghost-hunting gear, used snowblowers, woodworking magazines, acorns, outhouses and more. Shoot, we've even seen an ad on Craiglist from someone trying to sell US Bank Stadium and another looking for someone to infect a home with COVID-19! Of course, you can find some real treasures on Craigslist, but the site is also infamous for some of its more nefarious categories. One of the more unique ads we've seen celebrates its own one-year anniversary this week (do Craigslist ads celebrate anniversaries?).


Last May, a seller in Andover, MN listed his broken hot tub for sale for $30. We actually recall very little about the ad itself. What we do remember is the bizarre commercial that was created and posted online that shot the broken hot tub to viral stardom. A Youtube channel called Unwanted Commercials somehow found out about the Craigslist ad and created a...well...unwanted commercial. "My buddy and I saw a broken hot tub that a stranger in Minnesota is selling on Craiglist for $30," they posted on Reddit. "We randomly made and sent him this commercial to help him sell it. He's currently ignoring all of our outreach. I don't know why."

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The commercial begins with a caricature of God saying "People of Andover, Minnesota -- I know what you need." A cutout of the hot tub then floats into the frame as a ridiculous song begins to play. "Fill it up with water / Fill it up with cheese / Fill it up with Home Alone DVDs," are some of the more sensible lyrics.

(WARNING: Language)

While the owner of the hot tub never did reply to the creators of the unwanted commercial, he did up the price of the hot tub from $30 to $300, titling the ad "Hot Tub now Famous in Andover for Repair or Investment."

A year later, we don't know whether the owner managed to sell his broken hot tub or not, though we'd imagine he had no problem getting rid of it with all the extra attention. Nonetheless, the hot tub -- and its ridiculous commercial -- live on in infamy today.

"I don't know exactly how to quantify it, but the internet definitely needs more content like this on it, and less content like it already has," said one fan on Reddit.

"I'm guessing the owner pulled the listing as after watching this advertisement for it, they realized how empty their life would be without it," commented another.

"I never have had any interest in owning a hot tub, but after seeing this I feel as if I need THIS hot tub!" exclaimed a third.

Long live the most famous hot tub in the world!

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