If you have some time to kill and think your birthday should be a national holiday, well, let us introduce you to a widget that generates the songs that charted No. 1 on your birthday from the year you were born, before, after and beyond. It’s like you can create the soundtrack to your personal history by checking out with songs topped the charts on YOUR special day!

Click on the blue button bellow and enter in your birthday via the simple directions and it will generate the biggest songs on the radio for any given year on your special day. You also have the option to listen and purchase the song. How nifty. It’s puts the “fun” in “functional.”

See how fun this is?! You can look up your favorite pop star’s birthday and see what was No. 1 and postulate whether or not that cosmically affected the pop star’s future music. We looked up Lady Gaga‘s birthday, which is March 28, 1986. Falco’s nu wave hit ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ was numero uno when she entered the world, so no immediate or obvious cosmic connection presented itself.  However, Madonna‘s ballad ‘Take a Bow’ was No. 1 in 1995, when Gaga was 9!

You don’t have to stop at your birthday, either. You can put in any date you’d like and find out what was ruling the charts on your boyfriend’s birthday, your child’s birthday, your anniversary or other landmark dates in your life.