A Monticello family is remembering their son and brother on his 20th birthday by giving away 200 free pizzas.

Nick Galindo of Monticello passed away unexpectedly on July 5. October 8 would have been his 20th birthday. To remember and honor him, his parents are celebrating his life with one of his favorite things -- pizza.

"My son Nick would have turned 20 years old this week," Amanda Galindo, who's a realtor to the Northwest Metro area, posted on Facebook. "He unexpectedly passed away on July 5th. We used to bring pizza to Nick's class every year on his birthday. He loved that, and we loved seeing the smiles on everyone's faces (because who doesn’t love pizza!)"

She goes on to share that -- as they won't get to bring pizza to him or his class this year -- they'd still like to keep the tradition alive. Instead, they're giving away 200 pizzas to friends, family and strangers alike. The first 200 families to call or stop in to Papa Murphy’s in Monticello Thursday, October 8th will receive a free 1-topping, regular crust pizza when they ask for the "Nick Galindo Birthday Special," reads the Facebook post.

"I know that it only takes about 30 minutes for a family to eat a pizza together," Galindo goes on to share. "Probably even less than that if you have hungry teenagers! 30 minutes is not a lot of time. So, don’t rush it. Slow down. Enjoy each other’s conversation. Keep talking even after you’ve eaten the pizza! Be present with each other. Tell stories. Laugh together. Savor every second, because every moment matters."

Happy Birthday, Nick, and many blessings to the Galindo family.

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