My sweet dog Rosie celebrates her third birthday AND one-year adoption day this month.

February 28, 2019 my wife and I visited the Coon Rapids Humane Society with intentions of seeing one dog in particular. We ended up coming home with a sweet two-year old mutt from Texas named Rosie instead. Rosie's birthday had passed just days before on the 22nd. Nearly a year later, Rosie's first birthday AND adoption day with us is approaching.

Now, I guess I'd assumed we'd celebrate one or both dates with an extra treat or extended playtime. But I overheard my wife Katie telling Rosie the other night, "Are you excited for your birthday party?" I promise I'm not a Scrooge, but my reaction was, "Wait, a birthday party? I thought we were just going to give her an extra treat or something?" Turns out, my wife and I have very different ideas about how to celebrate pets.

Curious to know which of us was crazier, I took to Facebook to ask listeners if they celebrate their pets and, if so, how. Turns out, more pet owners are eager to celebrate their animals than I realized!

"Of course!" said Nichol. "Today is my oldest Pitbull’s 7th birthday."

"Yes I do," exclaimed Linda, including a photo of her pup Bailee. "We celebrate her birthday...she is seven years old."

"Our little guy celebrated his 15th birthday in July," Karen shares with a photo.

Well, it looks like I might be out-ruled on this one. So my next question is -- how much is too much?

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