Happy Birthday, Dairy Queen!

In honor of 80 sweet years, Dairy Queen is celebrating its birthday by giving a gift of 80 cent BOGO Blizzards! Now through March 15, get a second Blizzard for just 80 cents when you buy one at regular price.

The birthday special applies to all 15 flavors including Flavor of the Month. The promotion hasn't been without some degree of disappointment and controversy, however. According to many of the comments on social media, locations around the country either aren't aware of the promotion or aren't participating in it.

"Just went to the one in Hopkins, MN...and they’re not participating," says one user on Instagram.

"Has anyone has found a location that offers this??? Horrible marketing ploy DQ. I expected more from you," complained another.

"Looks like there is a theme! Not only would our DQ not honor the deal with a coupon print out, after we showed them this thread, they still wouldn't honor the deal," shared a third.

Addressing the complaints, Dairy Queen said, "Most of our locations are independently owned and operated, so participation in promotions may vary. We recommend contacting your local DQ to check for availability."

We called all three St. Cloud-area DQ's for ourselves and can confirm -- they are participating!

So get yourself to DQ this week for an 80 cent birthday celebration Blizzard!

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