For those that don't know, I'm doing the 6 week challenge at Orange Theory Fitness in Waite Park. I'm working out (3) times per week, changing up my diet, and trying to be a better me in 2017. In a recent article in Women's Health (yes, I read it), someone asked a nutritionist to list the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight.

Here are the top six...(I also put my own personal notes next to each).

1. Buying low-fat versions of their favorite foods. They usually add more salt and sugar to make them taste good, so it doesn't really help that much. Agree 1000%!

2. Only doing cardio, and not lifting any weights. Adding muscle is what kick-starts your metabolism. This is why I love what I'm doing at Orange Theory Fitness, they incorporate both in every session.

3. Not getting enough sleep. You're more likely to gain weight if you get less than six hours a night. (I'm trying to get at least seven hours myself).

4. Setting unrealistic goals. You have to think long term, and not expect to lose a ton of weight overnight.

5. Not drinking enough water. It makes you feel full, so you're less likely to snack. You're also less likely to drink stuff like pop and juice that have a lot of empty calories. My wife preaches this endlessly!

6. Weighing yourself too much. Your weight fluctuates during the day, so there's no point in weighing yourself more than once. I also can't stand when you weigh yourself on different scales (they are never the same) ever! One scale will have you down 5 pounds and the next will have you gaining 2 pounds.

Read more at Women's Health.

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