I started this journey back in early January, and never thought in a million years I'd still be active 10 weeks later. I was able to share my passion for Orange Theory Fitness with the people closest to me last Friday night. We held a private class for just Mix listeners, family, and friends at their Waite Park Location. It was awesome to hear the feedback from those who attended, and I'm excited to host another class later this month.

One thing I've prided myself on since I arrived here in St. Cloud over five years ago, was to always be honest with all of you (good, bad and in-between). I wouldn't ever recommend something to you if I didn't believe in it 150%. This place has changed my life, and I want others to experience the same kind of results. It doesn't come easy, believe me! You have to commit to the program, and put the work in (I'm working out at least 3X a week). I'm getting closer to my goal weight of 175 (I'm at 187)...I started at 202 pounds.

Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor

Your first class at Orange Theory is always FREE! If you'd like to try it with me, the next Mix 94.9 class is coming up on 3/22 at noon (one hour class). Call 270.7000 to reserve a spot or email me chad@mix949.com for more details. We are blessed with awesome gyms and fitness facilities in central Minnesota. Find one that works for you and your lifestyle.


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