I'm so over being overweight! I hate looking like I'm expecting twins! I hate having to edit pictures so my double chin doesn't show! I hate feeling like crap! Thankfully, we booked a Get Up & Go Show a few weeks ago at Orange Theory Fitness in Waite Park. I had the chance to take a FREE class before the broadcast, and was hooked after an intense 60 minute session.

I'm not somebody that can be let loose in a gym without someone holding me accountable. That's why a program like this works for somebody like me. The classes combine the benefits of a personal trainer and the camaraderie of a group. I'm starting week three soon, and I'm burning between 940-980 calories per session. I weighed myself yesterday, and I'm down to 190 pounds (I started at 200).

Chad Taylor
Chad Taylor

I'm hoping my wife will jump on board with my routine...she doesn't think she could keep up...I'm 100% confident she can. I'm giving this a 6-week challenge and hoping to be down 20 pounds when its all said and done. **I've also changed some of my bad eating habits and moved away from the foods that were bringing me down.

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