Triple collaboration hit "I've Been Waiting" by rapper ILoveMakonnen, Fall Out Boy and the late emo-rapper Lil Peep is now playing on Mix 94.9.

Early this year, rising rapper ILoveMakonnen released a single titled "I've Been Waiting." The track was originally intended to be just one of a collaboration project with emo-rapper Lil Peep, but after Peep's sudden death in 2017 the song took on a new life. Fall Out Boy, who ILoveMakonnen referred to as "big brothers in music" and was one of Peep's favorite bands, offered to add their services to the song. "I knew adding his heroes Fall Out Boy to ‘I've Been Waiting' would be a tribute to my friend and collaborator that I could feel proud of," Billboard quotes Makonnen saying.

The track itself is a dance-able one despite its heavy lyrical content. "Break my heart but don't tell me I'm not doin' fine/ 'Cause I'll do it fine/ Let me go, I'm spendin' time/ Not doin' fine but I'll do it fine,” Peep sings, referring to a toxic relationship he can't stay away from.

As of this week (April 20), the genre-merging song has found great success in pop radio and sits at No. 15 on Billboard's Pop Songs chart.

Listen for Lil Peep, ILoveMakonnen and Fall Out Boy's "I've Been Waiting" playing now on Mix 94.9!

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