Joseph Grisamore is taking his world record to new heights. Literally.

The Park Rapids, Minnesota man is at least one Minnesotan you'll find in the Guinness World Records 2021 edition. His feat? Impressively long hair! When stood straight up in a mohawk style (with the help of a lot of hair product), Grisamore's long locks measure a whopping 1.08 meters (or 42.5 inches) in height!

"My favorite thing about the mohawk is just the rarity of it," he says. "I’ll admit that peoples’ reactions are pretty priceless too. I’m 6’1 tall, and my mohawk is pushing 4 feet now."

This actually isn't Grisamore's first attempt at a world record. He wanted to break the record back in 2007 but was too afraid to shave the sides of his hair, which is a requirement for the record attempt. After deciding a second time to attempt a world record, it took him seven years to grow his hair out four feet!

"When wearing a mohawk, my hairdresser is a pro at teasing the base of the hair enough to hold the weight of a full fan," he said. "Got2b glued blasting freeze spray is the key ingredient, while assistants hold the fan upright until dry." When his hair's not standing straight up, it's typically braided in two knots.

As for what it feels like to be a world record-holder, he says “When I was first informed that I’d become a Guinness World Records title holder, I was over the top. Having a goal become a reality is always a thankful experience."

Watch for Minnesota's own Joseph Grisamore in the 2021 edition of The Guinness World Records book!

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