Andy Steinfeldt celebrated his 71st birthday this week with a gift to himself -- a world record.

"JCC Member, Andy Steinfeldt, was here today celebrating his 71st birthday by breaking the World Record for the longest plank for his age!" the Sabes Jewish Community Center posted to Facebook. "Andy stayed in the plank position for an impressive 38 minutes - surrounded by family, friends and a cheering crowd. Mazel tov, Andy!"

According to WCCO, the previous record for Andy's age category was 36 minutes 58 seconds, though Kare11 notes that the Andy's attempt still needs to be confirmed and recognized by Guinness.

A motivational speaker, Andy has overcome quite a few obstacles within the past year: his company crashed, his father died, dear friends passed away, he got cancer, and he survived a blood clot. Still, he hasn't let life's setbacks hold him back; he competes in Senior Games in Minnesota, South Dakota and Iowa and intends to run two marathons in 2019.

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