He broke the previous record by 13 song titles.

A radio DJ in England recently broke a record for naming the most Taylor Swift songs in 60 seconds.

Back in early September, Dan Simpson of Fun Kids Radio made an official Guinness World Record attempt to name the most Taylor Swift songs in just one minute and beat the previous record of 14.

Being given lyrics from various Taylor Swift songs he either names the song or passes if he can't remember.

"It's so unbelievably hard," he says in a video, "because your brain automatically takes you through the chorus, kind of throws you off course."

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To prepare, he said he listened to basically nothing but "Swiftie" for a month, and he'd never pass up an opportunity with friends to have them test him.

When it came time for the official attempt, Dan passed with flying colors, naming 27 Taylor Swift songs correctly, though he also admits that he passed on songs "way too many times" for his liking.

Watch Dan's attempt to break the world record for most Taylor Swift songs named in one minute and then being named a record holder in the video above!

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