The record was set on Lake of the Isles back in November, but the video was just recently shared.

Where better to set a Guinness World Record for the Longest Ice Hockey Pass than Minnesota, and who better to set it than former Stanley Cup Winner, Golden Gopher and Mr. Hockey winner Tom Chorske and Detroit Lakes Rhinos Power Forward Zach Lamppa.

On November 20, 2018 the pair attempted a world record for longest ice hockey pass on Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. The official record to beat was 894 feet which -- by way of comparison -- is three football fields in length! On hand to verify the attempt were a Guinness World Record official, a professional land surveyor and two Minnesota high school league officials. The stage was set -- now they just needed to do it.

Things didn't look good at first, as Lamppa's practice passes failed to reach the required length. But good fortune favored him on his first official attempt.

"Then word came over the walkie talkie, he's like 'ok, this is an official attempt," shares Chorske. "And I knew from about, maybe 100 yards or 80 yards out that it had enough velocity, and we started kinda whooping it up..."

Sure enough, the first official attempt would be the only one as the puck passed the 894 feet mark by 10 feet, settling at 904.

"Just goes to show, you know, you set your mind to something, get an idea and work hard and you can do something remarkable."

Just about a month ago, some kids in Rochester attempted a world record during Minnesota's polar vortex for the coldest hockey match ever played!

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