Halloween's still a few weeks off, but the countdown is on!

If anybody knows how to celebrate Halloween, it's Minnesota. From the Halloween Capital of the World in Anoka to the largest indoor Trick-or-Treat event at the Mall of America, we've certainly got some bragging rights.

But if your kids are anything like I was as a young ghoul, they want to fill that pillow case (yes, I trick-or-treated with a pillow case) to the brim (for the record, I never actually filled it to the brim).

So, where's the best place to trick or treat in Minnesota?

Well, according to the folks at Delish it's Elko New Market about 35 minutes south of Minneapolis. In their 2018 article released at the beginning of this month, Elko New Market is "pretty much perfect" with the population of 14-year olds and younger at 31%, no reported crimes per 100,000 people and 97.5% of housing units occupied.

Last year, Romper claimed Big Thrill Factory, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, Mall of America, Rosedale Center, Minneapolis parks and the Fulton and Linden Hills neighborhoods were the hottest spots to celebrate Halloween.

Then in 2015 WCCO Channel 4 listed Minneapolis, Woodbury, St. Cloud, Rochester and Rogers as the best cities in Minnesota to trick or treat.

I guess what I'm getting at is -- everyone's always going to have something different to say. So here's my two cents -- just have fun. Support and appreciate your own community. Worry less about the best place to trick or treat and more about the best memory you can make trick or treating. As far as your kids are concerned, they just want the candy, anyways!

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