Is it just me, or are people just getting crazier than ever?  Maybe it's the pandemic or maybe there is just so little going on right now that we notice these stories more.

Cass County Jail

We are all familiar with the quote "Hell hath no fury like that of a woman scorned".  Well, this woman must have really been scorned because she just went "bat sh*t crazy' this past Saturday.

Blair Rebecca Whitten of Barnesville, Minnesota was evidently an unwelcomed attendee at he ex's burial at Riverside Cemetery in Fargo, North Dakota, just right across the Red River from Moorhead, Minnesota.

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Police were summoned to the cemetery on Saturday and arrested Whitten after witnesses told police that she had driven over several graves and came close to hitting two attendees at the burial.  Luckily, no one was injured.

“Multiple complainants reported Whitten was driving her vehicle, inside the cemetery, in a manner with extreme indifference for human life which created substantial risk of serious bodily injury to persons in the cemetery” police spokesperson Jessica Schindeldecker said.

Evidently there was some bad blood between the deceased's family and his ex girlfriend, Whitten.

According to reports, Whitten was parked in the cemetery during her ex's burial ceremony when family members approached her vehicle to inquire what she was doing there and tell her she was not welcome.

Whitten then reportedly took off and drove across several graves and nearly hit some people that were there attending the burial service before police arrived.

Blair Rebecca Whitten, 28 was arrested by Fargo police and charged with aggravated reckless endangerment.

I hope she leaves this incident off of her next dating profile.


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