I'm a St. Cloud native born and raised...which means I've been to my fair share of garage sales over the years. And, I love it. There's nothing better than picking through people's old stuff, finding a treasure and getting it for a bargain. It's serious business people.

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Over the years I've shared my nuggets of garage sale-ing advice with you...like the 10 commandments of a Minnesota garage sale. I'd like to think it has helped a few people out.

But, I've failed to tell you how to properly prepare for a treasure hunt. So, here are the essential things you need in order to prepare yourself to hit up a local Minnesota garage sale.

  • You need sunblock and a visor...skin protection is essential. I know it's cold most of the year in Minnesota, but summer sun is no joke.
  • Get a fanny pack. Listen, hitting up a garage sale isn't a fashion statement. No one cares what you look like, Carol. You're literally sifting through other people's junk...get a fanny pack.
  • You need to carry change and actual cash with you. It's important because no one is going to accept a check...I mean who even has those anymore...and, it's your ultimate negotiating power (Ma'am, I've only got a $5 bill with me...would you take $5 instead of $10??) See how that works?
  • Bring your own bags. Sorry, but you shouldn't count on the garage sale host to be a bag factory. If you're on a mission to buy a bunch of stuff, have the bags on hand...they might even fit in your fanny pack.
  • Bring a wagon. This thing saves lives...for real. There's nothing worse than buying 5 bags of kids clothes and hauling it 10 blocks back to your car.
  • Pack snacks and water. They say the early bird gets the worm, and it's true. You don't want your hunger to get in the way of your hunting.
  • Bring a friend...you need someone to talk you out of some weird purchases, or at the very least, keep you away from the free box.

And, lastly, my general rule is, use the bathroom before you start the hunt. You don't want to be the random stranger asking to use a strangers bathroom during a pandemic. It's just a little awkward.

Have fun garage sale-ing

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