"For the Eagles fans -- don't worry, we're gonna be greasing all the lampposts so you feel right at home."

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey held back no punches in a welcome video to NFL fans for Super Bowl 52.

In the 54 second video by Sports Illustrated, Frey welcomes all football fans to the beautiful host-city:

We've got it all here in Minneapolis -- we've got the lakes that encircle our city, the Mississippi River runs right down the center of it...the Stone Arch Bridge...We in Minneapolis, we embrace the Winter in a big way. So it doesn't matter if it's -10, -20 or, uh, 32 degrees outside. We're outside having a ball."

With light, twangy music playing in the background, the video seems genuinely warm and welcoming before taking an unexpected turn.

A big welcome to the New England Patriot and Philadelphia Eagles fans. For the Eagles fans -- don't worry, we're gonna be greasing all the lampposts so you feel right at home."


The video seems to end at 50 seconds. But an apparent outtake shows one more expletive-laced jab at Eagles fans as Frey asks someone offscreen:

Are we seriously welcoming the f-ing Eagles fans?"

Watch the video for yourself here:

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