Getting dressed up for football games can be a lot of fun! People paint their faces, bodies, and have lucky articles of clothing that help their favorite team win. But Philadelphia Eagles fans are taking it in a weird direction for Sunday's game against the Vikings.

The winner of this game advances to the Superbowl, so the stakes are high. Last week the odds in Vegas had the Eagles winning as the underdogs, which prompted fans to wear latex dog masks to the game, and it doesn't look like that will change this week. Sportsbooks has the Vikings as 3 and a half point favorites over the Eagles making them the underdogs for the second week in a row, and fans are running with it!

One Amazon shop has already sold out of German Shepherd dog masks, selling 500 of them since last Saturday. There are even some shops hiking up the prices of there dog masks to try to make more money off this craze! Luckily us Minnesota fans are far more classy than that. Actual Viking gear beats a dog mask any day!

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