We've all seen the videos and posts of Eagles fans behaving unceremoniously after Sunday's win over the Vikes. Our blood boiled, our resentment grew, we voiced our disgust, and not without reason.

But perhaps in the heat of emotion, we forgot one thing -- that not all Eagles fans are like the fans who attended the NFC Championship game in Philly and became the disdain of all NFL fans elsewhere.

In the days to follow, Eagles fans have stepped up to apologize in a big way, displaying their own "Minnesota Nice" and reciprocating our own gesture towards Saints punter Thomas Morestead. The Mike Zimmer Foundation tweeted Tuesday to say that they've been flooded with apologies and donations from Eagles fans.

Zimmer's daughter Corri runs the foundation and shared with Vikings.com that -- as of Tuesday morning -- the organization had received $1,400 in donations. She also shared some of the apology messages that came with:

Thanks for being great opponents, from an Eagles fan with love."


Happy to support a wonderful cause. Best of luck next season from a diehard Eagles fan."


From Philadelphia with love – truly sorry for the way Vikings fans were treated in our city. We look forward to meeting you guys in the playoffs for years to come!"


Vikings fans wanted an apology; we got that and more. Now, it's time to show NFL fans of all teams how to host a Super Bowl!

You can make your own donation to the Mike Zimmer Foundation here.

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