Do you stress about everything coming and going? Stress is both good and bad...When we take a ride on a roller coaster, it can be exciting and exhilarating...When you're worried about your children, it can bring you down.

I have to admit, I was so worried about my son bein unaccounted for for 40 minutes the other day, that I believe stress had a severe reaction on my body.  I kept my cool on the outside, and we were searching for my son...on the inside...I was a mess. But...doing what I felt was necessary, I held it together and was in total focus mode, on finding him and making sure he was fine.

The last 5 minutes before he finally called, I was really starting to fall apart. I can't explain the relief I felt once I knew that everything was fine. However, the next day, I noticed that I had a bruise on the outside of my eye, and my chin and lower cheek had went partially numb.  What triggered this?  It could have been stress.

Here are some practical steps to dealing with stress:

  • Seek help from a qualified mental health professional if you're having trouble coping.
  • Get proper health care for existing or new health problems.
  • Stay in touch with people that can provide emotional support.
  • Recognize your bodies reaction to stressful situations.
  • Set priorities, and learn to say no. You can't do everything.
  • Avoid dwelling on problems.
  • Exercise regularly, 30 minutes daily if possible.
  • Explore stress coping programs, so that stress doesn't control your life.