ST. CLOUD -- As finals, papers and project deadlines quickly approach for college students, several furry friends are helping student handle their stress.

St. Cloud State University held their De-Stress with Pets event Monday. The event is a partnership between the St. Cloud State Healthy Huskies club, Central Minnesota Therapy Animal Association, the Mass Communication Department and the Counseling and Psychological Services Center.

Georgia Thienes is one of the handlers with the Central MN Therapy Animal Association. She says there are many health benefits to spending time with an animal.

There's emotional, physical, you have people who are non-verbal who end up talking and telling their stories and releasing their stress.

Students lined-up outside the Atwood Gallery for a chance to interact with the dogs waiting inside.

The demand for therapy animals has grown so much, CMTAA is now in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other events.

Thienes says they would love to be at more places, but they don't have enough staff or therapy dogs to meet all demands.

We love going to events like this, we love getting together with our animals, but again there just isn't enough of us.

Last day of classes at St. Cloud State University is May 3rd, finals week starts May 6th.

De-Stress With Pets

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