Bad days...we all have them, some of us more than others. But what makes for a "bad day" anyways?

In a recent survey of 2,000 people, results determined that we generally have 60 bad days a year. In other words,we spend two months feeling angry, upset, stressed, overwhelmed or otherwise. That's a lot of negativity.

The leading reasons for bad days are:

1. Not Getting Enough Sleep
2. Stress at Work
3. Feeling Sick
4. Financial Worry
5. Plans Falling Through

Additional reasons for "bad days" included cold showers, sports teams losing and a bad hair day.


Believe it or not, stress itself isn't necessarily bad. According to, experts credit stress for advising us what to do, helping us meet daily challenges and motivating us to achieve goals. Stress can help us do our work efficiently and even improve memory. Stress can boost our immune system and even save our life in fight-or-flight response situations. Too much stress, however, is not good for us and can eventually give way to emotional, physical, relational and spiritual tension and strain. It's up to you to recognize when you've reached that point and how to deal with is, though exercise considered one of the greatest therapies.

All that to say, time is precious, and two months is a lot of time to miss out on! Let's cut down on the bad days and start having more great ones!

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