I remember when the Royal Wedding was about to take place; everyone wanted to know who Kate's parents were and if they were "good enough" to be apart of the Royal Family. It all boiled down to if they would be considered rich enough.

Kate's parents, Michael and Carole, founded a party supply company 25 years ago and have been doing very well financially. Now they are set to make even more money since they decided to launch their own line of baby goods via their company.

Some people are getting a little knot in their stomach thinking her parents are trying to cash in on the news of the royal baby.

The line of plates and other paper products have a "little prince" and "princess" theme which were released less than a month after the announcement of the royal pregnancy. Ian Drew, senior editor at US weekly told ABC News,

"They are a party company, OK? They're based in England and that's what sells there. People are very into anything that's royalty or relates to the royal family. They can't be hindered by the fact that they're related to the royal family."

My two cents? I'd rather have my own family make a profit off the hype versus someone just trying to make a quick buck or five-million. I would like to think this will be tastefully done. Who knows what others will be doing to cash in on the royal baby.

What do you think: Are they using their daughter for money or are they doing the right thing since that's what sells in England?

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