We took to Facebook to ask our listeners what their kids say that drive them bonkers.

A recent survey asked parents to share the top cringe-worthy things their kids say. They were:

  1. Are we there yet?                                                                                   41%
  2. What’s for dinner?                                                                                  39%
  3. When is dinner?                                                                                     33%
  4. Mom!/Do we have any food?                                                                 30%
  5. I don’t want to go!                                                                                   27%
  6. Where are the good snacks?/Can I play with your phone?                    25%
  7. Dad!                                                                                                        23%
  8. Can I go to [friend]’s house?                                                                   22%
  9. Can [friend] sleepover/stay for dinner?/Can I have that?                       20%
  10. Can I get a treat?/Five/ten more minutes                                               19%
  11. I’m not tired                                                                                             17%

Just for fun, we thought we'd take to Facebook to ask our listeners to share what phrases their kids say that drive them crazy.

Answers included:

"Mom I’m bored."

"What's for dinner?"

"'Yeah in a minute...' 20 minutes later... 'gaawww i know'"

"'SORRY!' (Like the board game and 2 seconds later they repeat bad behavior!"


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What do your kids say that drive you crazy?

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