A Minnesota woman looking for her biological mom has turned to popular social media platform TikTok for help finding her.

The life as someone adopted is a life I'll never know. I was fortunate to grow up in a loving home with both of my biological parents. That's not to say that a parent who puts their child up for adoption isn't doing so out of love, I know. But -- barring that my wife and I adopt one day ourselves -- I won't know personally what it's like to grow up without knowing my biological mom and/or dad.

One 30-year old Minnesota woman currently trying to find her birth mom has found a creative way to do so -- asking the internet for help. "Help me find my birth mom," TikTok user kpnachos (We'll call her Katie from here on out) captioned a recent video. "Do you know her?" In the video -- the first of a series -- she explains that she was born July 28, 1991. She was part of the closed adoption system, which is "a lot of work" to try to work through, hence why she's turning to social media for help. The only thing she has to help is a photo of her mom, which she reveals in the short video.

Following suggestions that she try a DNA-matching website, Katie shares in another video that she did try Ancestry.com first. She found potential 2nd and 3rd cousin matches, but didn't hear back from them after trying to make contact. She also explained further that she could work through the adoption agency, but the process is very tedious and could cost "hundreds" of dollars.

In another follow-up video, Katie shares a few more details that she forgot to include in her first video, like that she's from Minnesota and that she was born in the Twin Cities. She also shares that her mom was one of three siblings, including an older sister and a fraternal twin.

"'Please know that I've thought of you every day of your life,'" she reads from a letter her biological mom sent her (through the adoption agency) when she was 18. "'Not with tears of regret but with confidence that I made the right decision.' And I'm confident that I'm making the right decision by coming on [TikTok]," she says.

In another video, Katie addresses comments and concerns from TikTok viewers about the potential outcome. "I'm also fully, fully, fully aware that this could, like, not have the best outcome ever, right? Like, I'm 30, I've thought of that."

She also addresses the reality that her biological mom may not want to find her or be found. "I will respect her choice if she says, 'Please stay out of my life.' I'll say, 'Ok, glad you're alive.' Probably some tears included in there, but...I'm not wearing rose-colored glasses on this journey. I'm fully aware of the consequences and negativity."

Here's a screenshot of a photo of Katie's mom:

kpnachos via TikTok
kpnachos via TikTok

Do you know Katie's mom? Can you help the two get in touch?

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