Kate Middleton

The Royal Baby Finally Has a Name
Attention, peasants of earth: Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby hath now been blessed with a name of tradition and bore: George Alexander Louis.
So we definitely lost in the betting pool with our Prince George Michael guess. On the plus side, we no longer have to call him the Royal Baby.
Prince William + Kate Middleton Welcome Their Royal Baby
Hear ye, hear ye! On this day, July 22, Prince William and yon wife Kate Middleton have successfully created the third successor in line for the British throne: a (still unnamed) baby boy.
That's right, kids. The royal bun has officially exited the royal oven. And Kanye had nothing to do with it…
Kate Middleton’s Parents To Sell a Line of Baby Goods
I remember when the Royal Wedding was about to take place; everyone wanted to know who Kate's parents were and if they were "good enough" to be apart of the Royal Family. It all boiled down to if they would be considered rich enough.
Kate's parents, Michael and Carole, founded a party suppl…
Are The Royal Newly Weds Expanding Their Family?
The Royal Newly Weds are no strangers to headlines in the past twelve month. First their wedding, now the rumors of the couple planning on having a baby, to adoption plans? Are the newly weds adopting in the near future?

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