Your parents probably have photos of you hidden away in some dusty photo album of you naked in the bathtub. Mine have photos like that of me, anyways. But how would you feel about those same photos being posted on social media?

I was scrolling through Instagram yesterday and saw a photo someone had shared of their little kid playing around the house naked. Though it was probably an innocent post, it made me uncomfortable; it seemed to me unfair and jeopardizing to the child.

But then I realized -- my parents have photos of me naked (or nearly naked) as a kid in their photo albums at home.

So, what's the difference? Is there a difference?

Angie calls in and shares her thoughts in the video below:

Have you ever posted photos of your kids naked or nearly naked online? How do you feel about the idea? Is there a difference between seeing those photos in a photo album and seeing them online?

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