If you are like Chad Taylor and have never tried a "shower beer", you need to!

A "Shower Beer" is exactly what it says it is. A beer, or other drink of choice, that you enjoy while taking a shower. You might be thinking, "But if I have a drink in the shower won't it get filled with water?". It is all about strategic beverage placement, and usually it isn't an issue.

There is a company in Sweden that has crafted the perfect "shower beer". The beverage is just 6 ounces so it is gone in about three sips. The beer also has a 10% alcohol content so it packs a punch for its size! It hasn't made its way to the USA yet but I think we need to get some local breweries on board with this! Beaver Island Brewing and Bad Habit Brewing, I'm looking at you!

Would you or have you tried a "shower beer"? Let us know in the poll below!

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