According to a recent poll, a large majority of Minnesotans approve of how Governor Walz has responded to the coronavirus crisis in Minnesota.

According to a Survey USA poll by KSTP of 500 Minnesotans, 4 out of 5 approve of how Governor Tim Walz has handled the coronavirus crisis in Minnesota and oppose a quick reopening of local economy. Thirty-seven percent of Minnesotans surveyed said they "strongly approve" of Governor Walz's actions while 45% "somewhat approve." Only 14% disapprove, according to the survey results leaving Governor Walz with a Plus 68 net approval on the virus.

President Trump, however, maintains a net approval of Minus 25 by Minnesotans with only 36% who approve ("strongly" or "somewhat") of his actions and 59% who disapprove ("somewhat" and "strongly").

The survey also also asked Minnesotans about Governor Walz's new instructions regarding the virus (including allowing Minnesota businesses to reopen), about whether or not they've received their stimulus checks yet, and about whether or not they've been successful in applying for unemployment benefits.

When asked what they believe the chances are of getting sick from the coronavirus, 100% of surveyed men and women of all age groups in all regions of Minnesota said they believe they will get sick.

See the full results of the survey here; data was collected between April 30, 2020 and May 3, 2020.

What do YOU think -- do you approve or disapprove of how Governor Walz has handled the coronavirus epidemic in Minnesota?

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