Restaurants and businesses around St. Cloud are now starting to offer deals for Pokemon Go players who catch things on their property!

Lam Yik Fei, Getty Images

Mongo's Grill (St. Cloud): Catching a Krabby in or on Mongo's property will earn you a free beverage during your next visit. Must show the verification date on the app as well as proof of purchase from Mongo's that day, only at the St. Cloud location.

Infinite Eye Care (Sauk Rapids): Win a $50 gift card to Game Stop by catching a Pokemon in or near Infinite Eye Care. Each Pokemon is an entry and if you purchase new glasses, schedule an appointment or have your eyes examined you will get 5 extra entries. Drawing is being held August 5th.

Other businesses that have poekstops near them are dropping lures to call more attention to their area. Not a bad method of advertising!

Where else around the area have you seen Pokemon Go deals? Leave them in the comments!