November is the middle child of the holiday season. It has Thanksgiving which unfortunately gets looked over as people skip from Halloween right to Christmas. But you know what? The month of November can score you some big deals on some bigger ticket items you might be shopping for anyway! Here are the things you will save money on in November!

  1. Halloween Left-Overs - Costumes, indoor and outdoor decorations, as long as you have a place to store them until next year, you are going to save yourself some cash buying them now!
  2. Cars - If you have been looking at that 2017 model now is the time to get it. The 2018's will be coming in soon and the prices drop on this years cars to make room for them. I know a lot of St. Cloud dealerships are really pushing their "end of the year sales".
  3. Groceries - Time for some Thanksgiving appreciation. Grocery stores are looking for your business when it comes to your holiday meal and they lower prices on staple items like flour and sugar. Coborns even offers free turkeys for shopping there!
  4. TV's - November means Black Friday shopping. And like cars, the 2017 TV's need to be gone to make room for the new models. This is the month for a TV upgrade!
  5. Kitchen Appliances - Stores like Bed, Bath, and Beyond are looking to help you with your Thanksgiving dinner, and while you are there looking at that new mixer, they are hoping you start to do some Christmas shopping as well!

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