This is where I kick myself for boycotting Amazon Prime Day...

Photography and Camera-related website PetaPixel reports that Amazon accidentally sold camera gear worth $13,000 for less than $100 over the course of its two-day Prime Day sale.

The buying frenzy began when someone noticed that a camera normally priced at $500 was discounted to $94.50 on Amazon. They then shared the deal to website Slickdeals where it made the front page.

From there, others began noticing that other cameras and photography gear were also marked down to prices below $100 -- including a $1,299 camera, $2,000 camera and a $13,000 lens.

“Literally everything is $94.48,” one buyer wrote. “I have bought like 10k worth of stuff that was like 900 dollars total.”

Incredibly, Amazon honored the deals -- at least the purchases that already shipped out. Orders on backorder will presumably be canceled and refunded.

For the rest of us who missed out, this person put it best, "“After years of lurking around on [Slickdeals], I made an account today just to post this very comment to state my depression of missing this deal. I will now go back to my corner and attempt to live vicariously through everyone else’s purchase wins.”

Read the full story as reported by PetaPixel here.

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