LITTLE FALLS (WJON News) -- A Minnesota artist has a unique exhibit taking place in Little Falls. Areca Roe's exhibit "Terrestrial" is currently showing at Great River Arts, and is an exhibit of all 3-D photography using two different techniques.

Roe uses both anaglyph and lenticular techniques to bring the photos to life. For the anaglyph photographs, viewers need to use the common red-cyan 3-D glasses to get the 3-D effect, the lenticular images have a kind of lens on the photo itself so the glasses are not needed. Roe says she likes doing the 3-D photographs because people have to go to the show to get the full effect:

"I just like how engaging it is and how the viewer has to actually be there in person to see it to really get the full effect of the 3-D. So much of the photos that we view can just be viewed online nowadays so I like the idea that you have to go there to get the full effect."

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Roe says the lenticular technique is quite time-consuming because she has to take and layer 36 different photos of the same subject in order to get the effect. Great River Arts has 3-D glasses on hand for people to use on the anaglyth pictures. Areca Roe is an artist based out of Mankato working in photography, video, and sculpture. "Terrestrial" runs at Great River Arts until 11/25.

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