Remember that period of time during the COVID-19 shutdown when salons were closed and we couldn't get a decent haircut? Yeah, that was a rough reason. Early on, I optimistically asked my wife to have a go at my hair...let's just say I didn't ask her again after that. When news broke that my favorite salon would finally allowed to open up again, I was back in the hairdresser's chair as soon as I could get in. I think it's safe to say that many of us had hair styles we weren't proud of through COVID, but what do you do?

One photographer has forever captured a piece of COVID-19 history with his own photography project called "Lockdown Locks." David Baker got the idea to photograph people before and after their post-COVID haircuts after getting one himself at his local barbershop.

“The idea came following research for my current university assignment,” Baker told PetaPixel. “I pitched the idea to my barber who was happy for me to spend a couple of days shooting at the back of the shop." The photographer and former policeman set up a simple system in his barber's shop and documented men, women and children as they came in for their first haircut since the COVID lockdown. Over the course of 24 hours, he captured 220 portraits.

"One customer’s wife had attempted to cut his hair and she’d dropped the clippers, taking a clump out of his head of hair, and then the clippers then fell on their dog below taking a clump from him too!” Baker told AUB. “The team definitely had a lot of bad home haircuts to fix.”

Baker has shared some of his photo series to Instagram, but more can be viewed at his website.

COVID-19: Signs of the Time


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