Despite the current nationwide and global quarantines and stay-at-home orders, one creative photographer has found a way to invite people into his studio for remote photo shoots!

Jeremy Cowart is a celebrity photographer, entrepreneur and humanitarian based out of Nashville, TN. He's also the founder of an upcoming social good hotel chain called “The Purpose Hotel."

I've been following Jeremy and his work for years. He's been one of my greatest inspirations, both professionally and personally. A brilliant creative, he recently invented styles of shooting to match people's Enneagram results and a launched a company to support it.

Jeremy's most recent feat may be the most incredible yet, however. Despite so many across the country and world being confined to their homes to flatten the coronavirus curve, Jeremy has found a way to invite people into his home -- digitally, remotely -- for photo shoots!

"I’m excited to announce my first EVER global photoshoot," he shares in a Facebook post. "I’m calling it 'Love Transported' and I will be taking portraits of YOU and/or your family in my studio! REMOTELY!"

How does he do it? A crazy mixture of projection, lighting and years of ideas and exploration. Cost for the first two events (which sold out) is just $10 per shoot. TEN DOLLARS TO HAVE YOUR PHOTO TAKEN BY A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER FROM HOME! Due to the idea's success, Jeremy has since launched additional events for April 3rd, 4th, 6th and 7th.

If you're interested in having your photo taken by a celebrity photographer from home for just $10, visit Jeremy Cowart's website and schedule a shoot here. You can also watch a recap of his first day's event below!

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