How good is an Oreo? How good is an Oreo if you pile a lot of other candy on top of it? Super good - and super cute when you make an Oreo into an Easter chick Oreo.

Get yourself some Double-Stuffed Oreos (I'll admit I bought the generic ones - lots cheaper) and stick a pretzel stick (broken in half) into the filling for two legs.

Melt some of that yellow candy coating we used for our other Easter chicks and dunk the cookie (pretzel legs and all) into the coating. Then (while the coating's still wet) apply your chickie's face. I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes and a slice of gummy worm for the beak.

Once they dry, you are ready to thrill your three-year-old daughter and anyone else who appreciates a delicious, adorable Easter chick Oreo.