Last year, Nabisco, the parent company of Oreo, let America decide on what the new Oreo cookie flavors should be. America worked its magic and now on Coborn's shelves we have Cherry Cola cookies, Pina Colada cookies, and Kettle Corn cookies. At $4 a package, are they worth picking up for yourself? I shelled out the $12 +tax to try all three so you don't have to risk your hard earned money on a flavor you might not like.


Overall none of the flavors were ones I wanted to spit out. There were a couple I was on the fence about and one that I could've devoured the whole package of in one sitting. Find out which one is which in the video below. I would love to know what your favorite Oreo cookie has been, past or present! I think mine would be the s'mores ones that were out in 2015. Leave yours in the comments below!

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