I made a Kwik Trip stop this morning for gas and breakfast and found way more than I expected to. I walked in and was immediately drawn to the shiny new Fresh Blends Frozen Beverage Dispenser sitting by the fountain pop stand. This machine is capable of whipping out blended drinks like flavored lemonades, smoothies, shakes, iced coffees, and even blended cold brew (insert heart eye emoji here).

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There are so many options for this brand new machine, and I have big plans to tackle all the flavors, one day at a time. I started out by trying a dark chocolate cold brew blended drink. A mix of dark chocolate and caffeine early in the morning? Yes please.

I found it very comparable to a Starbucks or Caribou Coffee drink. The coffee flavor wasn't as strong as I would have liked it to be, and it left an odd chalky after effect in my mouth. But for $2.99 for a medium, it was a good drink and definitely satisfied my craving for a fancy blended coffee beverage, and didn't break the bank.

Check out my full review below, and let me know what beverages you have tried from it!

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