Obviously the New Year has got many Minnesotans reflecting on their lives and thinking about making some life changes. Maybe you're hoping to score a new job this year. If you're searching for your dream job, make sure you don't make any of these rookie mistakes!

  • Not making eye contact--If you don't make eye contact then it appears like you're being dishonest. Practice making eye contact with a family member or friend before your interview for a new job if making eye contact is difficult for you to do.
  • Not smiling--Job interviews are serious things by nature, but don't forget to turn that frown upside down. The person interviewing you wants to know you'll be a joy to work with and not Mr. Crabs.
  • Playing with something on the table/squirming around in your chair--If you're fidgeting with things on the table or can't sit still in your chair, the person interviewing you is going to think you're nervous, anxious and lack confidence.
  • Crossing your arms in front of your chest--This is just bad body language that says you're putting up a wall. You seem less open to new ideas and not as approachable.
  • Bad posture--You don't look very professional and you appear to lack serious motivation. Sit up straight and keep your head up!
  • Playing with your hair/face--This is extremely distracting, and a huge red flag that you're nervous. It's a nervous crutch!
  • Weak handshake or one that's too strong--Either extreme is a huge interviewing mistake. A weak handshake says you lack confidence and a strong handshake says you're really cocky--find a balance.
  • Gesturing with your hands when you talk--Some hand gesturing is a good thing, but be careful to not overdo it.

Good luck in your job search! Remember to be cool, confident and collected. You've got this!

(PR Newswire)